James Merrill Chupp retires from Winn-Dixie and starts S.E. Sales Co., an equipment consolidator servicing the supermarket industry.


The Government puts a freeze on food prices and supermarkets eliminate consolidators. With the help of his two sons, S.E. Sales Co. must re-invent itself to become a direct supplier to all of the established relationships relying on them.


James and his two sons, Jimmy and Charles, purchase metalworking equipment and begin manufacturing and selling goods directly.


Albertsons purchases a license for 300 Seattle's Best Coffee Kiosks and Load King installs all 300 across the US in just three months. Later that year Albertsons purchases the rights to 300 Starbucks Licenses and Load King rebrands all 300 Seattle's Best Coffee Kiosks.


A factory warranty service was added. The tracking of warranty claims enables Load King to evaluate the performance of the equipment specified for the client.


A graphics department was created to reduce lead times from third-party vendors.


Load King becomes a certified installer and dealer for DuPont Corian solid surfaces.


A wood staining and finishing shop was added with certified training provided by AWFI.


A construction division is established for tenant improvement projects. LK Construction completes build-outs with faster-than-anticipated turnaround, securing successful relationships with several national food-service brands.


An architectural services division was formed to improve the coordination and planning of design, manufacturing, construction and installation.


Powder coating facilities were added to improve the quality of finished metal products.


LK Graphics expands to a new state-of-the-art facility offering extended capabilities including large format printing, laser etching and CNC services.


Load King focuses on providing a turn key solution to customers seeking an easier and faster way to open retail stores and restaurants.

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